Customer Comments

The blue shirt is PERFECT. George G.

I received the darling bag!!  I love it.  It came yesterday.  Thank you very much!!  It is a pleasure as always doing business with you! Glenda D.

Love, Love, Love my Tee shirts. Thank you so much. Sharon J.

I got my shirts yesterday and love them all.  I always love your shirts.  You have the best embroidery selection. Kim S.

Thank you!  Got my Scottie Golf cap yesterday.  It is sooooo cute!  It will soon be put into service on the golf and Scottie out there hitting a few balls.  Carol A

I just wanted to let you know the pillows are just perfect and so cute!!  The taupe pillows are lovely on my upholstered bench and I love the way you have the cairns facing into each other.  Thank you for that.  When I have a spare moment, I'll try to get a picture and send it to you.

 It's been a pleasure doing business with you.   Brenda G.

Got the jacket! I love it and a big "Thank You" from my westie, Molly, for the treats! Sheri B.

I received the shirt. The design is beautiful and I am very happy with
the shirt.
 Ingrid L

The shirts have landed and we love them.  I also love your newest designs. Kim S.

I'd recommend you to any scotty, cairn or westie crazy for your products. Kim S

Got my new hat !!  Didn't realize how much mine had faded from washing, wear and sun (my "dog walkin' hat) - I always get comments on it at the dog park !  And it looks just like my little rescue Cairn (Maddie). May have to make this one my "dress hat" !

 5 stars for product quality and service ! G. Gretser

Lee, of all the Scottie shirts I have bought, yours are my favorites. Always well made and the embroidery is perfect. Pat O.

The shirt came today....was a bit surprised it was here when I got home.  I love it...wonderful!     Linda D.

I received the jacket yesterday, it is absolutely perfect!!!  Thank you so much for the washing instructions.  I have collected scotties since I was in middle school, although I have never owned one.  Unfortunately, my job requires a lot of hours away from home, and I never felt it would be fair to a pet.  Thank you also for helping out the Scottie rescue.

Don't be surprised to see me back shopping again!!  Thanks again!!

Wanted to thank you again for the super fast service. I received these on Monday and got them in the mail to my friend in FL Tuesday. She got them in time for her birthday today and loves them.

I hope to get myself a set soon and maybe another to put in the auction for my Westie fundraising next summer.


I received the towels, etc. Everything is so BEAUTIFUL.  Thank you. Mary P.

My denim shirt arrived today and I JUST LOVE IT Ė I love the little bow on the bone too, itís so cute. The photo doesnít do it justice. M. Lauber

Just wanted to tell you that my shirt arrived and I love it!! I love the addition of the bone and bow. Thank you for your special touch there too. Thank you soooo much! P. Vann

I have always been impressed with the quality and designs of your work! It is my pleasure to order from you. L. Spencer

I was surprised to get home yesterday and find my sweatshirt in the mailbox already.  Thank you so much for such a beautiful shirt and super fast delivery.  I am so anxious to wear it!  I know my Roxie will love it too. M. Culler

Just got the third Nurse Frosty book. Love the story!! S. Riches

The shirt came today - wow it looks great! Thank you soooo much! I
Can't wait for a venue to wear it!!!!! You do great work!

My fanny pack arrived today. I LOVE it. We can't wait to try it out. Thank you                   very much! R. Bailey

I got my shirt and I love it. You do good work! L. Spencer

My box came and everything is just super:-)   K. de St. Rat

Got the hats today and they look SUPER!!  Great Job. K. Handshaw, Scottie Rescue R.I.

Just wanted to tell u that I did receive the shirt. I LOVE IT!!!
You have very nice quality shirts. I have washed and worn my red sweatshirt from u many times. It still looks good:) Both are going with me to the Door County rally. R. Bruce


Just to let you know I got nothing but Raves on the pillows. Everyone loved them. And I am a happy camper. L. Gassman

The pillows arrived today and they are just gorgeous.  I love them all. P. Danielson

The vest arrived on Monday as promised and is perfect.  Thanks so much for the beautiful job! S.A. Levine

The T and sweatshirts arrived thank you so much - they are gorgeous! I will certainly enjoy wearing them! B. Gersch

Lee, just wanted to let you know I got my yellow t-shirt and I love it! Fits great and I love the style!  Can't wait to get something long-sleeved for fall!  I'll be back!  Pam Pell

      I received my package today!  I just Love the shirts.  You did a beautiful job.  The color of the tank is very pretty!  And the design on the T-Shirt is so wonderful.  I like how you used red thread for Ian's name.  I can't wait to wear these to agility!  Diane Vargas

The shirts were waiting for me at my desk this morning and they are wonderful.  Thank you so much, as usual, best Scotty apparel I have found anywhere.  Thank you so so much!! Charlotte Bloebaum

Lee - I just had to let you know that my sister's Tee came today and it is BY FAR way more than I expected.  It is WONDERFUL, it's PERFECT and I don't know if I can keep from giving it to her before her birthday at the END of July!!!!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!  I will definitely be back and recommend you! Beckie Rodriquez

The shirts arrived, and they are beautiful!!  Love them!!!  Thank you again, very much and I look forward to buying more items from you. Janet Manning

Lee, I received the order. The items are top quality. The polo shirt is very cute. I am going on your website and ordering another today. Thanks. Glenda Tucker

Just a quick note to let you know that the Scottie embroidered fleece jacket arrived Sat., just in time for my husband's birthday.  It is just terrific and he thought so too!  It has already made it's first trip to Costco.  Many thanks for such great service and a wonderful product.
Judy Halfen

Hey - I got my package, but I haven't had time to write to you until now.

I LOVE the apron!!!!  You are so thoughtful.  I appreciate that very much.  It will hang in an honored place behind the chefs as they teach, along with the towels.  The are beautiful, and a great job, just as I though they would be.  Debbie Jones, Scottie's Kitchen.

   I received the hoody on Saturday - it is beautiful.  The design is elegant and exactly as I had it pictured.  As you know, I bought a hoody from another online place because I did not know you could get the zip front kind.  The hoody is very cute, but the 3 Scotties are
painted on or silk screened - not the beautiful embroidered designs you offer.  Additionally, the hoody itself was of lesser quality.  Also, the cost was no less.  The other one has already faded and the zipper is broken.  Yours are of the highest quality and the designs are
 Charlotte Bloebaum

Really, REALLY love the tote!!!
It's PERFECT!  We are already loaded with Ramsay's stuff and ready to go.
You are the BEST!  Thanks so much!!!!!
Patricia Taylor


The jacket arrived yesterday - it is beautiful - thanks so much!
I can't wait for a warmer day!
Beryl Gersch

The kilts arrived, and are soooooooooo cute!  We just love them.  The dogs will wear them in a Scottie rally in May.  They try them on for a half hour each night so they'll get used to it.  Thank you for doing such a beautiful job and getting them to us so speedily! Marianne N.

Jacket arrived today - I love it!!!!  Janice Collins

Hi Lee -- it came on Saturday! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! My daughter LOVED it! :)  She immediately put it on and kept it on to wear it to her boyfriend's home to give him and his family their gifts yesterday afternoon. She's thinking of getting him a special shirt now, too. And hubby loves the two dogs on the front especially, so I may just have to get him a shirt with them (smaller)
on the front pocket. And of course I'm going to get a hoodie or something for me. You're lovely work will have some more representation here in rainy Oregon. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the beautiful work. 
Val Bruce

Thanks so much for all your help and patience. The shirt was a HUGE hit! Tracy Knaub

Just received the shirts and caps I ordered. They are WONDERFUL! Thank you so very much!   Karen Clarke

I received my jacket today. I LOVE it. You did a beautiful job on it!!                                           Barb Engerer Plymouth, MI

I received the sweatshirt (red) and the pink night shirt. I LOVE IT!!! I am going to a scotty bed and breakfast and will be wearing my new scotty sweatshirt. You do beautiful work!        Ruthann Bruce

Ohhhhhhh Lee, I just HAVE to have Arooo Give thanks!!! Please add it to my order! {absolutely adorable!}
My package arrived yesterday and I couldn't be HAPPIER!!! I LOVE the vest, the scottiemoments embroidery was just a perfect touch. The vest is more than I could have hoped for!!!!!!!! The Christmas shirts will get a lot of use too! Now the Thanksgiving for Turkey Day and I'll be all decked out.                                                      Ruth Wynne

Quick note to let you know I LOVE the shirt.  I am going to wear for first time today to work.  thank you thank you.                                                                                        Charlotte Bloebaum

My girl looks absolutely dashing in her kilt. It's not difficult to put on her, and she really seems to like itSusan Riches

 Just a note to let you know that the cap I ordered arrived yesterday, April 15th.  It was a birthday gift for my husband and he absolutely LOVES it!  In fact, he wore it most of the day yesterday, inside and outside!
 Many thanks for your prompt service and the terrific cap.
 Judy Halfen

I received, today, Katie Lou's kilt and the 3 tams.  She looks so cute in it. Absolutely another great job by you.  Thanks again.                                                                                             Faye Chapman 

The towels came today, and they are lovely.  I'm so pleased -- thank

Marilee Clark

I picked up the vest today and LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!! It fits perfectly and I love the critters and the hearts with paws!!!!
Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B.J. Hambright

We received the sweatshirts yesterday- and we love them.  I have mine on now at the office. Thanks again.
Dick Withrow

Got the shirt on Friday and just love, love, love it. I wore it to my yard sale on Saturday and got lots of compliments.    Mari Warnick

The kilts came in today and my boys look so cute in them.  Your company has great service & communication and prompt shipping.  Enjoyed during business with you.         Faye Chapman


My shirt came in this morning's mail - wow, so fast!  It fits perfectly!

Thank you.  Judy King

I have the shirt and will wear it proudly to our Westie Club Christmas party Saturday.  Thanks! Beth Widdows

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