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11.14 tins
Skirt 24 Scot tree skirt westpup

Our unique embroidered tree skirts. 24" & 36"

  11.12 towels 2
Embroidered linens and collectibles.

  taupe scot rule West Ruleblk

Embroidered sweatshirts & tees.


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 cairn statue1 pillow hrt Cairns
stockingholder stand
One of two Scottie stocking holders listed.
Items are Auction style and Buy It Now.
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red Scotblk2  red west1
red jkt wheat
We have 1 of these jackets left: 2X, red. The bone and collar designs are fixed but we can do the left side as a Cairn, Scottie (black or Wheatie) or Westie.
If you are interested, email us ( First come, first served. Price = $42.99 + $8.50 domestic shipping. Can not do internationally.


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Terrier Rescue Events Calendar


Please send us your 2017 listings for rescue events: auctions, gatherings, and more so we can include them in our calendar. Help us, help rescue!

All we need is description, date, and a link.



11/15: Scotties Rock Fundraiser.

11/24 Col. Potter Black Friday Auction.

12/9. Lone Star Westie Rescue Holiday Bazaar. 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
   La Vallita Lakeside & Landing Clubhouse, Irving, TX.

 Westie Med Shop

Scottish Terrier Club of Greater NY Rescue.

Scottish Terrier Rescue, St. Louis


Westie Rescue of Michigan



Scottish Terrier Club of New England


Cairn Calendars/Paper Goods/papepa


Cairn Rescue Cookbook. Order yours e

North Texas Scottie Rescue

Westie Rescue

Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue



Ohio Westie Rescue.


Arooo Studios has some cool Scottie items.


If you don't see your rescue group here and you are having an event in 2017 or you know of a terrier rescue group with an on-line gift shop, please contact us with your group's information so we can include you in the next Terrier Rescue Events Calendar.

And, please pass the word to every terrier rescue group so that we can continue to expand our Rescue Calendar!

Help us, help Rescue.