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November 1, 2017

Purrs, cat friends:
 11.1 cats


In this issue:

Two new designs for the holidays and beyond.

Shooting Star Cat and North Star Cat feature our classy, whimsical cat, and the stars are done in a sparkling gold for some nice bling.

Shown above are samples of ladies long sleeve tees and sweatshirts listed on our Ebay page featuring our new designs plus some of our most popular cat designs.


See them all here: 



10.31 cats

Kitchen towels, hand towels & potholders make great gifts.






We would like to include in this space any information on fund raising events, auctions, etc. that benefit cat rescue. So, please send us your 2017 rescue information. Help us, help rescue.



Wait, it's NOVEMBER already? But I haven't started my shopping yet!



Daisy, L'il B, T. Tiger, and Diamond Lil (the cats at I B Dog Gone)
Meet the Hampshire Hooligans - 2nd Generation:
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